Our Profile

Dimond Star Trading founded in the year 2013 in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates with aims to market - wide range of basic industrial chemicals and other related products such as swimming pool water treatment chemicals, boiler water treatment chemicals, cooling tower water treatment chemicals etc - internationally as well as in local markets in the United Arab Emirates. Our products, brands and services can be trusted for their reliability and quality. Each of our business enjoys reputation into its chosen market.

Our Products

we have water treatments chemicals,valve and equipments,

safety products

Swimming pool water test kits,safety products etc...

Our Strategies

Our strategy to market-driven network

based on expertise in the chemical industry

by providing products and services

to our customers

Clients Choose Us

We are committed to fulfill customer as well

as statutory requirements by enhancing

maximum customer satisfaction through

incessant improvement

Our Services

Swimming pool maintenance and cleaning,Swimming pool water treatment,Swimming pool renovation work,Swimming pool pump room installation,Steam Laundry boiler servicing and certification,. Marble, granite polishing, buffing and cleaning

We Work For You!

its our aim and motive to keep the customers as the prime core.we work everything in view of perfection and customer satisfaction.the relation that we make with our customers is the main factor which has kept us going till this date