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STAR VIEW TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC was founded with the prime objective to provide technical services operating across UAE to provide the highest standard of service and customer care possible.

Since it is established, Star View has earned an extensive track record of undertakings and projects. At Star view, we understand the importance of technical services appliances; therefore, we are 100% committed to providing the best technical services for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Here at Star view technical service, our technicians are skilled, equipped and have a diverse experience to complete any project. They are also continually undergoing training to ensure they are up to date on all of the latest. Being an approved technical service organization for a large number of leading organizations, we ensure that besides technical service, we also provide maintenance according to the client's requirement.

All our services are competitively priced, fast, efficient and reliable. Our commitment to going the extra mile for our clients gives us the flexibility to carry out technical services.